In James Chapter 4 verse 3, the Apostle James says we have not because we ask not and in John 16 verse 24, our Lord Jesus said “Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.

We have a group of prayer warriors that are dedicated to praying for you because they believe in the power of prayer. If you would like them to put you on the prayer chain and pray for you or your loved ones, please Call or Email us with your request.

Phil 4-6






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  1. Friday Night Service Prayer request:I please request prayer for the long time,deep and sincer love and relation ship between Carmen A and John S,that it will be stonger than ever before on this night and that it,we and I will be protected and shielded from any and all interference and attacks from jealous,aggressive,confused,mentally ill,morally corrupt,people and any evil spirits,including the spirits of witchcraft,mind control and any kind of transference techniques or wolf in sheeps clothing people who were once in witchcraft and now say they are Christians who have posed as freinds just to establish draining soul-ties and feelings of oppressive uneasyness-these are things which have occured-and that my health,recording career and finances will all drastically improve as sonn as possible.Thank You,John

  2. Please pray for my co-worker Mike to be drawn to God and receive Christ as his Savior soon. And that his wife and two kids would do the same!

  3. I’ve been feeling depressed, spiritually and emotionally drained, and even a little angry. I don’t know what’s wrong, but my brain isn’t able to think or concentrate, and I need to focus on studies. Please pray for spiritual and emotional and mental healing. Pray that the Lord will fill me with the joy of the Holy Spirit, and saturate me with His love, presence and healing. Thank you.

  4. Please pray for Logan to be saved. For God to reveal Himself to him and for him to feel God’s love like never before.
    Also for Karen to be blessed financially in spite of her tenants not paying her regularly. Karen tithes and gives offerings over and above, so she is due for a financial breakthrough. thanks!

  5. several people to pray for

    Will you please pray for us, I am very sincere and serious. I have written all the names to pray for after the requests because there are so many people. Please just pray in general that God will help all of us in all of these areas listed. Please pray God will help all of us, RIGHT NOW, and lifelong, in all these areas: (1) spiritually (2) relationships (3) healing, health, deliverance, wholeness (4) provisions (5) protection (6) calling, job, purpose of God, work (7) breakthroughs and miracles in many areas (8) favor with God and people (9) the mind of Christ at all times/thoughts taken captive to the obedience of Christ (10) wisdom (11) time management, focus, self control, discipline (12) faith, hope, pure love (13) only God’s influences to be in our lives, NONE else ever (14) to fail at NOTHING, EVER, EVER (15) an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to rest upon us (16) that God will move so powerfully by the Holy Spirit in us, and anoint us so strongly with the Holy Spirit, that whether we use words or not, that God will work in us and move people we interact with to immediately surrender all to Jesus in a permanent way, and help them receive the fullness of all that is offered to them in the Person and power of the Holy Spirit (17) peace with God, self, life, all (18) to NOT believe lies, error, etc. ever (19) that God will also help us in every other area of our lives too, and connect us to HIS helpers who DO truly help us in all things without giving up on us (Sorry for so many names, but I am totally sincere. Please pray God will do all the above things in Jim and Yung, Noreen, Kathleen, Izzy, Cheryl, Vicky, Stella, 2 Nicky’s, 3 Sarah’s, 2 Mike’s, 2 Josh’s, 2 Andre’s, 2 Curt’s, 2 Scott’s, 3 Robert’s, 2 Joe’s, 2 John’s, 2 Tom’s, 2 Jon’s, 3 Dave’s, Naomi, Crystal, Maria, Chris, Hosh and wife, Sharon, Paige, Latoya, Hector, Cesar, Yoko, Lin, Phu, Lutzi, Yuli, Nat, Candace, Paula, Jeanette, Jerry, Olivia, Michelle, Joan, Dina, William, Steve, and all those we love… PLEASE???) *** Please also pray that God will do these other very serious things (a) save the souls of and STOP and prevent all the violent of the USA, UK, EU, Middle East and world (b) for revival to fall upon ALL global media, and stop them from lying, deceiving and harming people’s names, and help people to not tolerate it rightly (c) for prayer to fall upon the church, for houses of PRAYER (d) for TRUE Repentance, TRUE Pentecostal Awakening and TRUE Revival that lasts to come NOW to the USA, UK, EU, Middle East and whole world (e) please continuously pray that God will help the church to not only believe in the gifts of the Spirit but to once again preach on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and gifts at EVERY meeting, even if it is only at the end of the meeting, and pray over people to be baptized in the Holy Spirit at every meeting, like 100 years ago when they did these things and without tv, internet, planes, cars or telephones a powerful move of the Spirit swept the whole world by simply preaching every meeting on and praying for the Holy Spirit baptism and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. PLEASE pray God will reignite this into action in the church in the USA, UK, EU, Middle East and whole world (f) for a widow who needs to sell land she can’t afford, that God will quickly help her to do so and not fear or lash out at her children (g) Divine intervention in EU elections (h) for all I love with addictions and life controlling struggles, that God will save and fully, permanently deliver them NOW (i) for some woman each separated from a man, for God to end the separations, restore them all to Jesus, each other and God’s will for them mutually. (j) for a woman who is pressures and tries to control her son, to step back and not pressure him and shame him when he just simply sees things differently than she does, that she will STOP trying to make him what she wants him to be and finally support the poor guy in things God wants to do in his life, to stop criticizing him and see be open to the poor guy, I’ve observed this for years, please pray *** I do not use email, I did not send a valid email address, but PLEASE, PLEASE still pray for all of us and all of these very serious requests? Thank you.

  6. I continue to pray for the strength of my husband Patrick, to be able to deny sin and evil, and for me to persevere in good.

  7. Hello,

    I pray always, but I hear and see dangerous and scary things, and it really disturbs me, I cant sleep because of them,
    even working eating and normal life is difficult,
    plz pray I become far from them, I need God’s Peace very much, but cant do alone, help me.
    plz pray God protects me from all bad happenings.

    and plz pray for my mom Aamane(Aamaneh) plz pray God protects her from all bad things, from death, from disease,
    plz pray God makes her healthy compeletely healthy and keeps her alive and healthy, she has a problem for washing a lot,
    even a normal bath takes 9 hours, other simple works is difficult for her too, its really scares me, plz pray for her healing. .
    plz pray God protects my mom from all bad happenings.

    and plz pray for all us 7 people. break black magics from us and our lives. and protects us.

    plz pray I get my miracles, then I can marry nashan.

    and pray God Guides me in my life.

    also I need finance miracle to buy a nice home for my parents, my mom has a lot problems here so needs a nice home.

    plz pray God accepts All My Prayers, Gives my miracles to me so I can live completely Happy.
    I need God, His Mercy, His Miracles, His Presence and His Blessings SOON.

    Thank you very much,
    Your sis,
    Leila (sara).

  8. plese pray for my sister julie that she be healed of chemical,hormonal imbalance.Also struggles with anxiety and depression. Thankyou SO VERY MUCH

  9. Please pray for Nathan to be set free from rebellion and drug addiction, and to be reconciled to his mother who is a believer, in Jesus’ name. Thank you!

  10. I am a full-time student, using the GI bill, and I’m currently in a place where I don’t know how to pay my small cellphone bill, or for gas for my car, or any other expenses. I have 1 1/2 months until summer, when I will hopefully have a good summer job, but I need to last until then. I don’t think I can get a full job, given the demands of school. Please pray that God will provide me with the employment I need, whether it’s day jobs, or whatever. Pray for the wisdom and strategy to earn the money I need quickly, and get my cellphone turned back on, and other expenses paid. Pray that I will recover financially in the wisest, Godliest, most mature way. Also, pray that God will give me a deeply, radically generous heart, like Christ, and that I will not be self-focused but others-focused, through this time. Finally, pray that everywhere I send this prayer request God will lead many powerful prayer warriors to pray over it with great faith and dedication. Thank you.

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