12 Hours of prayer 9/30/23

12 Hours of prayer 9/30/23

Prayer Points


  1. Pray for fervency – That the people of the Fountain will be on fire. That the people would make serving God a priority.
  2. That God would bless every single one of our meetings: Sunday, Wednesday night, youth, children, women, men, Celebrate Recovery, Step studies, etc.
  3. That God would heal the sick and set the captives free.


  1. Set people free from besetting sins and addictions.
  2. Pray that God would disconnect people from ungodly physical and spiritual ties.
  3. Pray that curses of all kinds will be broken and that the blessings of the Lord would overflow in the lives of the people of the Fountain.


  1. May the Lord break the power of anxiety and fear.
  2. Pray for healing from mental sickness and any kinds of mental oppressions and torments.
  3. Pray for physical healing.


  1. Let the Fountain be a place of deliverance. Let evil spirits ruling over people’s lives be disturbed and removed from people’s lives whenever we meet so people are not going back home with demon spirits.
  2. Pray that as a church, we would have a heart for the lost. That’s we would have a heart for seeing souls saved.
  3. That we would be bold to preach the Word of God in church and out of the church and that signs and wonder will follow.


  1. Pray for the salvation of unsaved family members. Let hearts be softened.
  2. That we would get stronger in making disciples and that they would remain.
  3. That we would be a church on mission.


  1. That the Holy Spirit would greatly stir this community for salvation of many. That the Lord would draw many to Him and that we would be there to welcome them.
  2. That our church grounds will be hallowed grounds and the Lord will post angels at the four corners of the church.
  3. That the presence of the Lord radiate from each one of His children in our church body, and infiltrate our community everywhere we go.


  1. That the lost and saved alike be drawn by the Holy Spirit to our church, and that our church body grows and is fruitful. That all hindrances to our growth as a church would be removed.
  2. That no plans of the enemy will come to fruition within our church nor in the lives of our church family. That Satan and his minions are bound by the Lord.
  3. Pray for the unity of our church. Let seeds of division be crushed and spirits of division be bound. Let the people who are working for the enemy among us be blown away like chaff if they will not repent.


  1. That the territorial spirits ruling in our area would be subdued by the power of God. That their works in our community would be destroyed.
  2. Pray for women, men, children, youth that they their needs would be met in this church. That God would reveal himself to them mightily.
  3. Pray for food ministry, worship ministry, hospitality, Celebrate Recovery, Hospitality, Youth Ministry; Men’s ministry, women’s ministry, children’s ministry, etc. That God would send the people and that God would establish them.


  1. Pray for the ministries of our church to be effective.
  2. Pray for the deliverance service Oct 6,7,8. That God would move in Word and power. That people would be delivered from Demonic oppressions, ungodly beliefs, emotional wounds, addictions, sinful habits, satanic sicknesses.
  3. Pray against ungodly beliefs. That God would bring revelation and renew the mind of the people. Pray that in this church there is preaching and teaching that transform.


  1. That God would stir the people to come and that none of those who come would remain the same.
  2. Pray for Pastor BISI. That he would be mightily used by the Lord and the people will receive him with open heart. Let great faith be created in the hearts of people.
  3. Let the power of God be present to heal and set the captives free. Break the power of the kingdom of darkness over lives.


  1. Pray for the pastors and their households; Pastor’s household and the leaders of the church. Pray for council members.
  2. Pray that all the prayers offered in this church would be answered. May we have more and more answered prayers.
  3. Pray for the church’s growth and fruitfulness. Spiritual, numerical, financial.


  1. Pray for a spirit of prayer and intercession to come upon the church.
  2. Let there be increase of favorable conditions for the church and church members. That the members of this church will be greatly blessed of the Lord in all areas of their lives.
  3. Pray for healthy family relationships and for healing of family relationships. That families would serve the Lord together.