Join the mission!!

Join the mission!!

What we do

WE exist to PRAYERFULLY REACH OUT and TRAIN disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT


We value relationships as we believe that without loving relationships everything else is vain. So we connect weekly in homes and at the church building for fellowship and to do life together. We encourage you to join one of our many groups where you’ll develop meaningful friendships and you will be able to grow more into who God has made you to be. We believe effective discipleship MUST happen within the context of relationships. Click HERE to connect with a Small Group meeting in your area.

…we PRAY

Prayer is vital to our relationship with the Lord. The Bible commands us to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5: 17). Prayer was also one of the main activities of the early church as seen in the book of Acts. it is through prayer that the power of the Holy Spirit is appropriated and released. Yet we see that prayer is one of the most neglected activities in the modern church. When you join the Fountain, you join a prayer movement.

We seek to imitate the Lord who is the ultimate Master and Teacher of prayer. We know prayer works and that’s why we are proud to call our church building a “House of Prayer” (Isaiah 56). We have a dedicated time for prayer on Sunday and whenever we come together. Our church building is also “open for prayer” every day should you need to stop by to spend some time in prayer. You can also join Pastor Daouda daily for prayer on the internet. Click HERE for more info.

We also have small prayer groups that meet throughout the week in various places. In addition, we have a prayer chain that receives prayer requests daily. We have been receiving great testimonies of answered prayers. Visit us and join the prayer movement of the Fountain.


We have a mandate from the Lord to “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28: 19). So we dedicate ourselves to reaching out to others with the love of God and the Gospel of Christ. When you join this church you will also be a “goer”. We reach out to our world through individual ministry such as prayer, laying on of hands, that target the spiritual and emotional needs of others and also through acts of kindness that target their physical needs. We want all our members to be missionaries outside of the church, wherever they are because our God is a missionary God.

…and we TRAIN people

It is our responsibility to “teach others to observe all that Jesus has commanded” (Matthew 28: 19). This involves not just training people to live a healthy christian life, but also training them to reach out to others and serve them in the power of the Holy Spirit so that everyone around us has the opportunity to experience the love of God in Christ. We provide coaching, mentoring, ministry training in addition to our weekly services. Join the movement!